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Second Year Anniversary for TNNPA

Posted almost 4 years ago by Irene Bean

I cannot believe this is the second year anniversary for Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association. This was a dream which began in 2012. I researched the possibilities to begin an association which would empower, educate and promote nurse practitioners in Tennessee.

I wondered how one person would be able to bring a body of 10,000 nurse practitioners together, to make one voice. However, I soon realized it would not be possible for one person but as a team it was possible to reach across Tennessee. There were many people from other states, who said "do it". Their encouragement allowed me to see an opportunity to bring this professional body together. As 2012 came to an end, I continued to weigh the pros and cons for an association. When I realized the pros outweighed the cons, I felt it was time to move.

Realizing there were local nurse practitioner associations in TN, neither represented the entire state. This is where I felt this association would fit. We needed one association to assist with removing barriers which restrict the nurse practitioners from practicing to their full scope of practice. For the many Executive Directors and Presidents, of other successful state nurse practitioner associations, who battled these restrictions, I thank you for your encouragement to continue this work.

In October 2013, I began to see my vision become a reality. I had many forms, applications, and deadlines to complete, by the end of the week or month. But, praises to God, it was done. December 2013, a Facebook "save the date' was announced. January 2014, the announcement was made with the birth of the Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association.

It has been such a wonderful experience with this association. I have met so many wonderful people during this process. Many have been supportive in every aspect of this association. I am amazed from the talent and knowledge, from each of you. I am grateful to have met you and pray for the continuous growth of our association.

Let's encourage others to join us as we continue to build and strengthen this association. Rules are changed when we speak as ONE!!
I can't wait to meet more of you at our First Annual Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association Conference in April.

Irene W. Bean, DNP, APRN-BC
Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association, Executive Director


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