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HB1927/ Bill Prohibiting the Prescribing of ED Medication

Posted almost 4 years ago by Irene Bean

If you are currently prescribing ED medication, this bill, which is being introduced, will prohibit this unless you are a physician. Yes, I agree that preliminary testing is warranted but as quality health care professionals, we are capable of prescribing these medications without the requested requirements. Please call the members of the House Health Subcommittee to stop this bill from moving forward.

SB2292 S. Kyle - Professions & Licensure: Physicians who prescribe drugs to treat erectile dysfunction. Declares no person other than a physician may issue to a patient a prescription for a drug intended to treat symptoms of erectile dysfunction.

Requires physicians prescribing such drugs:
  1. To receive a notarized affidavit confirming the patient has experienced erectile dysfunction.
  2. To conduct a cardiac stress test and obtain in writing the result of patient's cardiac health in relation to sexual activity.
  3. Notify patient in writing of potential risk associated with taking such drugs and obtain patients signature of acknowledgment.
  4. Provide a written statement under penalty of perjury that the drug is necessary to treat erectile dysfunction.

Specifies requirements for patients prior to using erectile dysfunction medications. Prohibits the state group insurance plan from covering drugs intended to treat erectile dysfunction. Prohibits state funds from being expended to pay for drugs prescribed to treat erectile dysfunction unless the expenditure for the drug is required by federal law.

*HB1927 - S. Jones - 01/27/2016 - Referred to House Health Subcommittee.

Please contact the House Health Subcommittee - Click Here