Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association

Announcement from your AANP TN State Representative

Posted almost 4 years ago by Irene Bean

Dear Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association and AANP members,

This year's state legislative session has been filled with multiple bills that impact NP practice and our patients. I wanted to take a few minutes and give an update on some of the most critical bills, and let you know how you can get more information and engage.

Timing and education has been a big factor in addressing health care issues for our state. While the timing this year wasn't right to have a Full Practice Authority bill for NPs and APRNs, the timing appears supportive to create a task force to look comprehensively at health care issues in the state. Several legislators have introduced legislation (HB 2088/SB 1979) to mandate a legislative study to review and make recommendations on how the state can better use its workforce and address primary care needs. States where similar legislative reviews were completed adopted positive licensure changes for NPs and other health care professionals in the few sessions that followed the task force recommendations.

AANP's NP organization members have been working to gather support for this task force and oppose bills that would make accessing NP services more challenging. A copy of the task force bill language is available by clicking here. Check out and find local coverage of the issue by clicking to articles in The Tennessean and The Knoxville News Sentinel.

The task force bill will be heard in the senate health committee tomorrow. SB1979 passed the Government Operations committee last Wednesday and will be going before the Senate Health and Wellness committee in the next 2 weeks. AANP's Advocacy Center allows members to find the contact information for their state legislator using your home or practice site zip code. Remember when communicating with policy makers to be positive, professional and keep the focus on how NPs can improve patient care and the efficiency of the health care system.

Tennessee has multiple health bills in session this year. AANP members can see bills of interests to them and their patients on the AANP State Legislative Tracking Center. We know that you all have been busy sharing the benefits of what full and direct access to NP services would mean for Tennessee. Your efforts last year prevented a big step backward in care from occurring. Together our efforts can make a difference for patients and improve the health of Tennessee.

Thank you for all you do for patients and our profession.
Brett Snodgrass
AANP Tennessee State Rep