Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association

Uniting for Full Practice

Posted over 3 years ago by Irene Bean

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It is extremely interesting how we are fighting for Full Practice Authority, yet, no one is speaking up. The patients deserve to have full access to nurse practitioners and our responsibility is to educate our legislators, community, and those who do not realize the value of our profession.

Full practice does not mean you have to open a practice but for those who would like to, you will have the opportunity.

Full practice does not mean you have to leave your current position. It will grant you access to have less supervision by your current physician-led team. They will not have to sign 100% of your charts.

Full practice will allow you an opportunity to practice to the full extent of your education and training.

Full practice alleviates solo practices from closing because their collaborator retires, closes their practice, licenses are suspended, or decides to move to another state.

Full practice does not mean that every new graduate is ready to practice without guidance. There are proposed stipulations for new graduates.

As a professional body, we must unite, stand erect, and educate the public and private sectors about the quality and affordable health care provided by APRNs.

Your voices, your movement, and your passion are needed to assist us in moving forward. We need each of you!!