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Executive Order 67

Posted 7 months ago by Irene Bean

On October 30th, the Governor issued Executive Order No. 67 to extend the State of Emergency related to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic to December 29, 2020. 
The order allows the continued suspension of various laws and regulations and other measures in these orders to facilitate the treatment and containment of COVID-19 through regulatory flexibility, promoting social distancing and avoidance of large gatherings, and protecting vulnerable populations.   
Gov. Lee also signed Executive Order No. 65 which extends electronic government meetings subject to transparency safeguards, including the requirement of live broadcasts of electronic meetings to the public through December 27, 2020. Executive Order No. 66 extends provisions that allow for remote notarization and witnessing of documents through December 29, 2020.

Executive Order Nos. 65, 66, and 67 may be found at

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