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News: Senate Health and Welfare Subcommittee

Posted over 4 years ago by Irene Bean

(courtesy of Wilhemina Davis)

On Monday, the Senate Health and Welfare Subcommittee on TennCare met to consider a number of bills and resolutions relating to the TennCare program and Insure Tennessee. Senator Jeff Yarbro of Davidson County presented Senate Joint Resolution 93, a resolution authorizing implementation of Insure Tennessee. After much discussion on amendment language proposed by Senator Briggs of Knoxville, the subcommittee referred the resolution back to the full Senate Health and Welfare committee with a favorable recommendation.

When the Senate Health and Welfare Committee met on Wednesday evening to take up its regular calendar of bills, the last item to be considered was the adoption of Senate Joint Resolution 93. Senator Doug Overbey of Maryville, who also signed on as Sponsor of the resolution presented the resolution to the committee. Senator Richard Briggs of Knoxville, introduced amendatory language which would; 1) require the inclusion of a provision in the waiver for a six-month disenrollment period for nonpayment of premiums, 2) require the Governor to receive written confirmation of the ability to opt out if the federal funds are not available, and 3) specify that the waiver program not be implemented until after the United States Supreme Court decides King v. Burwell (a ruling on health insurance exchanges).

Senate Joint Resolution 93 as amended was adopted by a 6-2 vote in the Health committee.

• Those voting in the affirmative include: Sens. Jeff Yarbro of Nashville, Richard Briggs of Knoxville, Becky Massey of Knoxville, Ed Jackson of Jackson, Doug Overbey of Maryville and Committee Chair Rusty Crowe of Johnson City.

• No votes were: Sens. Randy McNally of Oak Ridge and Bo Watson of Chattanooga.

• Whereas, Sen. Joey Hensley of Hohenwald abstained from voting.

The resolution now must be heard by the Senate Commerce and Labor committee for consideration. By suspension of the rules, the resolution has been place on the Commerce committee calendar for Tuesday, March 31, 2015.

SB114 / HB103 Extends CoverKids Act. -- Sen. Mark S. Norris / Rep. Gerald McCormick -- Extends the CoverKids Act of 2006 from June 30, 2015, to June 30, 2020.

House Status 03/24/2015 - House Insurance & Banking Committee recommended and sent to House Finance.
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