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Mission Trip to Haiti

Posted over 4 years ago by Irene Bean

If you are interested in mission trips, I received a letter from a coordinator requesting volunteers. I do not know anything about the company but you may call and inquire about the details.

My name is Justin Dunaway and I am a Physical Therapist and cofounder of a non-profit organization called Sustainable Therapy and New Development (STAND). STAND is a purely volunteer nonprofit organization that puts together interdisciplinary teams of physical therapists, prosthetists, orthotists, general medical, and wound care specialists. These teams travel to one of the poorest cities in Haiti, where we have set up an outpatient rehab clinic, prosthetics laboratory, and dormitory for volunteers. We treat anyone who walks through the door to the best of our abilities, whether they report orthopedic spinal pain, neurologic compromise, or even shark attack injury. Yes, that has actually happened.

Teams consist of approximately 15-25 professionals and trips last one to two weeks. Our interdisciplinary approach allows us to provide complete care and treat each patient effectively and efficiently in a way that no other group does. This allows us to truly treat each patient to the best of the team's abilities. We see mainly orthopedic cases, but many of our patients have never had any interaction with any medical professional... ever. This means that many of our patients have underlying medical conditions that can benefit significantly from evaluation, management, and education. Clinicians will need to be able to perform emergency medical screens, administer IV fluids, and treat infections. You may also find yourself managing fractures/dislocations, performing wound care, educating patients in self-care, and working with children who display undiagnosed ailments.
During these trips, we work very very hard and the results are more than rewarding. I am currently recruiting Nurse practitioners and nurses for the Sept 25th - Oct 4th team and the Oct 2-11th team. Volunteer slots are limited! If you are interested in volunteering for this life changing experience or have any questions, please email me at JDunaway@Stand4Haiti.org.

Additionally, if you know anyone who may be interested, or have the ability to spread the word about our organization and its current need for volunteers, we encourage you to spread the word!
For more information about STAND, check out our website at:
Justin Dunaway PT DPT OCS Cert SMT Cert DN
Sustainable Therapy and New Development