Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association

FPA Update

Posted about 4 years ago by Irene Bean

Update on FPA:

Full Practice Authority will be based on each of our participation. As of tonight, we need to collaborate with all APNs in TN. There are 9,600 APNs and less than 1/4 of these APNs are affiliated with any Association.

As a body of APNs, we should speak with one voice. Many do not realize the full impact of FPA. This bill does not replacing physicians, nor will it require APNs to leave their current positions. This bill will allow APNs to practice in various capacities. It will allow patients an opportunity to choose their healthcare provider. Thousands of Tennesseans will soon have health care benefits and with the predicted shortage of family physicians, APNs will fulfill this shortage.

If you are comfortable with collaborating with a physician, this will not go away. If you are not prepared to have a stand alone clinic, you can continue your employment with a physician, hospital, retail or urgent care. This bill will not remove these opportunities. It will assist you if completing orders without waiting for a physician to verify your treatment plan. It will allow you to sign death certificates. It will allow those working in rural areas, to see patients without physicians having to travel 40-60 minutes to sign 20% of their charts for a fee of $500-2,000 per month.

As APNs, lets unify forces and make FPA a reality. There will be several town hall meetings throughout the State. Please make yourself available to assist with this effort. Feel free to inbox me with any questions.


Dr Bean