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Happy NP Week

Posted about 4 years ago by Irene Bean


NOVEMBER 8-14, 2015

For approximately 50 years, nurse practitioners has been leading teams and empowering nurses to tap into their leadership potentials. Nurses are listening and are currently listed as the second top profession to enter.

As we embark upon the week which has been set aside for Nurse Practitioners, it is imperative to embrace your success. We have many nurse practitioners, in various capacities, providing cost-effective, quality healthcare to all Tennesseans. It is difficult to find a primary care or specialty office which does not employ a nurse practitioner or is not owned by a nurse practitioner.

Nurse practitioners selfless services are demonstrated in communities throughout Tennessee and across this country. Your caring hands, ability to listen and resolve issues with non-judgmental plans of care, has earned the trust of patients. Many NPs are not recognized for the outstanding care provided to patients and many are not interested in the recognition because of their compassion from the heart.

I would like to take this time to SALUTE all nurse practitioners who provide services to Tennessee communities. You are special, not only during the NP Week, but forever. Continue making strives to improve cost-effective, quality healthcare and holistic treatment. Become involved with healthcare policies which limits the ability to practice to the full scope of your education and mentor novice practitioners. We are responsible for each other and the growth of our profession.

Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association celebrate NPs who are making a difference in Tennessee. We would like for you to share a picture/video of how you or another NP who has made a difference in your community. However, if you would prefer to leave your picture, please feel free.

Irene Bean, DNP, FNP-C
Executive Director
Tennessee Nurse Practitioner Association